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We're on a mission to free the internet from broken links.
One website at a time. One link at a time. Every fixed link counts.
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Large-scale research conclusion

75% of the links on the web are broken

Here are the findings of a reliable study about internet links:

Broken links
66% of the links on the internet are broken.
Link errors
Additional 10% of the links have other errors.
Important websites
U.S. Supreme Court website has 50% broken links.
Social media
30% of social media links break within two years.

Fixing the internet, site by site

We love the web and want to see it thrive. We want to be a force of good that makes the internet a usable and enjoyable place for everyone. Here are the extra steps we take to make our mission a reality:

  • Free forever for small sites
  • Free forever for educational institutions
  • Free forever for open source projects
  • Free forever for non-profit organizations
  • Free forever for charities
  • Free forever for libraries

Let's make the internet better - together